About Us

Healthy Valley Organics was founded in the year 2000 by husband and wife team, John and Jill Evans, in Perth, Western Australia.

The small family-owned and managed wholesale business was born out of the desire to improve and increase the availability of organic dried fruits and nuts on the market.

The company’s aim was to source the best quality Certified Organic and chemical free foods from Australian growers, where possible, and preserve their freshness through chiller transport services, quality packaging, and cold storage.

In 2007, John and Jill embarked on a raw food journey, after discovering the benefits of eating more raw and living foods in their diet, and the focus of their wholesale organic food business soon reflected this revolution with the addition of many raw food specialty products. Low temperature dried produce offered the added benefit of containing enzymes to aid digestion and having a higher nutrient value than foods that had been cooked or processed at temperatures higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

In 2010, Healthy Valley Organics became a Certified Organic Processor, ensuring customer confidence and assurance that our packaged foods were high quality organically grown produce.

Over the past few years, the health benefits of fermented and probiotic foods and drinks have now been widely discovered and have increased in popularity, resulting in an ever expanding range of these products being offered by Healthy Valley Organics, including raw & organic sauerkraut and Kombucha beverages.

John and Jill continue to be very passionate about getting the freshest produce possible, as soon as it is available from the grower or producer, and preserving this freshness through careful transport, packaging and storage solutions.

As consumers of organic food, John and Jill are always very discerning about the quality of the products and foods they eat and drink, and therefore aim to deliver the produce, that they themselves would choose, for their wholesale customers.

Healthy Valley Organics is a certified operation in accordance with the Australian Certified Organic Standard 2019 v1. To find out more about the certification process and standard go to www.aco.net.au.

To view Healthy Valley Organics’ Certificate of Compliance and Certified Product Listing, click here.